Word of Mouth

About Word of Mouth

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Word of Mouth is a live storytelling event in which 10 performers are given five minutes each to share real life stories based on the night’s theme. Tales can be funny or dramatic, poignant or cathartic–everyone’s got one that can be creatively told.

We aim to build a community of people who love sharing and hearing stories, and provide them the creative space for a more regular gathering.


We are bringing Word of Mouth to different spaces in the city, from cafes to hostels, libraries and parks, audiences of all ages and backgrounds are welcome! Our vision is to bring it to communities around the country so that storytelling becomes a form of pastime and community-building activity for Filipinos.

The Format


Inspired by The Moth, the challenge for Word of Mouth storytellers is to tell a compelling real life story within a few minutes to an intimate crowd.

  1. Each story must be maximum of five minutes long.
  2. Tell a story (with a beginning, middle, and end), not a rant or musing.
  3. Stories must be based on a real life experience.
  4. No notes or scripts, know your story by heart.

August 19, 2017  “Happy Accidents”

May 20, 2017  “Game Changers”

April 22, 2017  “Getting There”

March 4th, 2017  “Starting Over”

90 Minutes

“Sometimes life throws you in a situation that you can’t get away from, you just
have to take it. It helps to have a tool that would let you overcome it.”

After losing her husband, Marivic finds her way back into normal life through Bikram yoga.

Banana Chips

“Apparently there’s that kind of love, which transcends all kinds of labels in the world. It transcends age, distance, race, and you see God in that kind of love. You never really move on from that kind of love.”

An unlikely romance teaches Kristel that the greatest kind of love is sometimes
that which does not last.

Once There Was a Girl

“Don’t let your past and the ones who did not love you for who you are keep you
from your future and the ones who will (love you).”

Elsie breaks free from other people’s expectations in order to find herself.

Good for Nothing

“In the city, when you make eye contact (with a stranger) that means something
amorous or romantic. In the province, it can lead to murder.”

A young man who is allowed to repeatedly get away with his wrongdoings
keeps messing up his second chances.

Time, Space, Faith

“Closure is the opportunity for you to end something in order to start something

Amos shares his 7-year-journey to get over his biggest heartbreak.

Yoga and Me

“One time during practice, I was trying to do the wheel pose when this boy I liked started laughing at me. Suddenly, I found a motivation to come every day.”

After spending seven years in college and studying for her board exams, April
searches for a new passion that would recharge her life.

Not My Party

“You think you’ll be at a certain point in your life at a certain age, and when it doesn’t happen it’s such a huge tragedy.”

Lei lightly recalls when she was 15 years old and could not picture herself living past 16.